Hello Friends!

June 23rd marks the 7th anniversary of my website, rainbowlandmusic.com.

It is also a serendipitous opportunity to let you know that I have posted a new album to the site.  More accurately, my sister Jaine, webmaster extraordinaire, posted it to the website.  Jaine created the album cover, with help from her dear friend, Hedy Carra, and designed a beautiful lyric booklet that comes with the cd.

The album is called “The Unobstructed Light,” and it explores my quest for a new ground of being, in the wake of the recent election.  The album comprises a wide range of emotional perspectives, and ultimately becomes my personal blueprint for navigating these crazy days.

Everyone is having their own journey, for sure. But you might find this musical expression of my process interesting; it did bring me to musical places I might not have gone otherwise.

You can hear the album on the website, or if you would like a cd, just let me know. There is never money involved. Just my privilege to share it with you.

It’s shaping up to be a hot summer here at Rainbowland.

May there be smooth sailing wherever you are.

With love,