With the help of my beloved sister/webmaster, Jaine, we have uploaded my new album to the website. It is called “Heart Whale: the Wail of the Heart.”

The concept “Heart Whale: the Wail of the Heart” came first. It was born of a deep place of despair for the rudderless state of amerika and humanity in general, at a time when the sand in the hourglass is running out to reverse the impending environmental train wreck. It is a lyrical album, though almost all the musical ideas came before any lyrics. For me, what is most compelling about the album is its atmosphere. There is an emotional tenor that colors the whole, while the music itself explores a wide range of textures. It was as if the music was reaching for the heart whale wail before any words gave voice to those textures. As with my previous album, “The Unobstructed Light”, this new album seeks to find a new and deeper ground of being. It follows a road that passes through the experience of sorrow, to discover that place of transcendent benevolence and joy that is the infinite container of the pendulum-swinging world story. It is my personal journey of new awakening and discovery. I hope it is a story that has resonance for you.
                                                                                          Love and Light!

  (Album Cover art by Jaine Rice) 


Check out Starpeople Band’s new promo video on YouTube, filmed at the Nevada County Fair, August 2017: