Lyrics to self to Self


Who I am is so much bigger than me
Can you see me?
You understand… you smile at me and see
What you can… what you will

In my heart, the darkness of the abyss
Shines with brilliance
Universal boundaries fly away
Ever more, ever me

The silence in my heart speaks to me
There are no words to hear just you and me

Who I am is so much bigger than me
Can you see me?
You understand… you smile at me and see
What you can… what you will

It’s expanding…
There’s more and more and more and more….

Humanity is shedding skin…it’s not pretty… and it is new life

Humanity is taking a fall through a winter of discontent
Now we spring into a summer of love (easy on the seasoning)

Humanity is losing its mind, losing its way, losing its grip…
Ho ho! Let it go, so we can fly
And we can swing it to the other side of heaven

Humanity is taking a trip, taking a spin, taking a ride
Box up your emotional baggage, you’re not gonna need it
You might as well burn it… we’re travelling light
We are light

The Dream
I remember the dream… you were sitting here next to me
I remember the dream…
An open road, a world ahead, windows open breathing the air
With smiling eyes
And I knew it was a moment that would turn into a memory
Still, I revel… still, I revel in it just the same
I would say to you, “you’re still here next to me”
I remember the dream…

I’m missing you this morning… I’m wishing you were here
I can’t help myself – I’m missing you this moment
I don’t think that I can bear it… I’ll get back to you tomorrow
When I can find you in my heart.

I hear voices in the river, I see shadows on the stone
I can almost hear you breathing, still, I feel so alone

There’s an emptiness inside me. Yes, I know that it will pass,but
It’s an ache of your remembrance, and I’m wanting it to last

I’m missing you this morning, wishing you were still around
I can’t help myself – I’m missing you so deeply
Right now I just can’t bear it… I’ll get back to you, I promise
When I can find you in my heart.

Your life has made me bigger, you’re in all that I become
You’ll bring me inspiration, until all my days are done

I hear voices in the river, I see shadows on the stone
In the ache of your remembrance, I know I’ll never be alone

I’m missing you this morning, still, I know I have you here
I can’t help myself – I’m loving you this moment
And I know that I can bear it, you’ll be here with me tomorrow
I can feel you in my heart.

You’re alive in my heart, where everything is connecting
So alive in my heart, with all my love reflecting

More than a thought, more than a memory
Part of a chemistry, animating this life

It’s an unstable world, it’s an uncertain time
At the eye of the hurricane, transcendent sublime

Either side of the veil, the connections evolve
The center is everywhere, the boundaries dissolve

It’s an unstable world, these are uncertain days
Either side of the veil, the connections amaze

At the eye of the hurricane, transcendent sublime
The center is everywhere, this moment is mine

(Words by Catherine Rice)

Touching the past, awakening the now
Explode into the future, reaping the fruits
This is sacred communion, my love
From seeds planted long ago, tasting their sweetness
Revel in the tender moments
Recognize the power with new eyes
With open heart and clarity of vision
I see new vistas, horizons of possibility
This is sacred communion my love
Flowing from our mouths, we kiss the fragile places
I choose you, I celebrate our oneness
We are the other, we are together, we are one
Riding the waves of awareness with the heart of a child
Vulnerable and hopeful, sober in the knowing
Of the truth of the moment
Anything can happen
We stand naked
My tender love, I hold you in the softness
Close to my heart, in the land that never ends
Where all will be eternal
This is sacred communion, my love
There you are, ever evolving deep friend beloved
Who I see in all your beauty
We are the lucky ones
Revealing inner thoughts
Travel into the unspoken territory of our own self-discovery
Born anew with fresh eyes
Connecting in the sacred moment of holy union
We are the lovers, sparking new levels of understanding
Graduate into a new unexpected awakening
Revitalized, creative and expressive
Of all that is…. revelation

The end of the world is just a new position
I feel born again, free from religion
I’m shakin’ it off, shakin’ it out, shakin’ a leg
Shake it!
Trust is a must at the center of awareness
It’s a spark in the dark at the center of awareness
I’m sending a prayer
That the love I feel is revealing love everywhere

Feels like a new beginning
See with awakened vision
Breathing the new life in

(Backing vocals)
I’m in a knowing, a come and going
An overflowing, an ever growing
A recollection, a resurrection
An emanating, a radiating
A new beginning, another meaning
A new potential, another vision

Such a blissful moment, see it all so clear… for now
Leave the past in pieces, wipe away the tears… somehow
A new horizon calling, A mystery unfolding
The spark of life returning
Let’s Go!

Know what you know, feel what you feel
Know what you feel, feel what you know

I’m breathing again, taking in the prana
I’m coming alive, it feels like nirvana
Let me know what I know at the center of the heart
Let it show where I go at the edges of my life

The Wheel
A turn of the wheel, life moves…
Suddenly fading, the world I’ve known
I’m walking the bridge of changes
Suddenly facing myself alone

And I know… Yes, I’ve been this road before
All of the stories end and begin, I’ll let ‘em go
Still, the essence is who I am

The pendulum swings, feelings…
Suddenly I’m uncertain
Return to the pregnant void, waiting…
Remembering… and savoring…
Born of the story dust of old
The bloom of new life always returns
Out of the darkness comes a new day

A turn of the wheel, shifting…
Suddenly I am renewed once more
I dance to the song of changes… changes…
A turn of the wheel

There is no death, there is a journey
We lose the body and find much more
There is no death, without beginning
An endless spiral, an open door

Life begets life, life takes life
Life feeds on life, life is consumed by life

There is no death, we find a portal
No need for a body, with so much more
There is no death, without beginning
An endless spiral, an open door
There’s always more

I hear the call, it sings inside me
I feel the message from the inside out
An orb of light, a brilliant darkness
That shines compassion, and frees the heart

Circles spin around and around
Turn again, we’re lost and then we are found
The end is where to begin

Spinning wheel, around and around
Think and feel, reach for the higher ground
Ever new in the Now

There is no death, there is a doorway
We lose the body, and we find much more

‘Round and ‘round, again and again
We return, and never the same, my friend
And it never ends

Wind across the water, fire in your eyes
Sep upon a mountain top, your gaze electrifies

The sky reflects the depth of you, cloud covered mystery
The birds reveal your dancing heart with a whistling ecstasy

You Spark

You show me who I am, in the moments I receive
You spark as I become
The face that I believe

Your curving river dance seduces me awake
Your peaceful flow brings me to rest
A crystal mountain lake…

The seasons arc in colors, a spectrum on display
The seasons arc in cycles, a lifetime spins and fades

You Spark

I walk the path you show through forests of expression
Decipher branching codes, a song of new direction

Oh windows on the soul, transfix me with your gaze
A rainbow shaping moments, a light burst in the haze

You show me who I am, in moments I receive
You spark as I become
The Face that I believe

(Words by Yogananda)

Fairy dream faces, like fresh flowers, that bloom in the vase of my gaze, for my soul to see
But the Face that vanished behind space, cannot be replaced by these new faces.

There are faces of transcendent beauty, faces of charm, faces tender and true
There are faces of sweetness and wisdom, but there is no face like the Face of you

There’s the violet, the lily, the lotus, the rose…
Fragrant faces of flowers blooming under the snows…

There are faces of stars and the moon and the sun
But for me there’s one face ever more… only one…

After the search through eons unnumbered
the never-ceasing streamlets of my dreams, have melted in thy silver ocean face
Where smiling love forever softly gleams

Countless silver rays of living beauties have melted into one transcendent grace
The beauties of a million million ages, to make at last thine omnipresent Face
To make at last thine omnipresent Face.

Without thy Face, there is no light for me, In all the unplumbed depths of land or sea
Thy beauty rays rainbowed o’er eternity, while planets rise and fall

On the lips of laughter, on roses in the dawn
It is thy smile ever glowing there, an immortelle of glory heavenly sweet
With fragrance of unceasing self-less prayer

In the cleansed mirror of my memory, in the deep crystal pool which is my heart
I see thine omnipresence trapped for me, of mine own self, forever more a part

As I, awakening, pass through gates of light, thy wisdom face is all that I can see
Faded pale pleasure stars of dream skies, in the omniscient light unfolding thee.

I love you. Yes, I do
I love you. You know it’s true

Nothing will contain me, and I won’t contain myself
My heart is overflowing, making love with life itself

Love is the expression, love will show the way
Love is the invitation, love is the light of day

I see you in expansion, compassionate and brave
I feel myself beside you, as I expand in my own way

Impetuous my heart, I trust you with my life
I will follow where you lead, illuminate the night

The Message
Remember this…
You never need to give up on your TRUE heart’s desire in the name of love or money.
In fact, it always works out for the best when you don’t.

Know who you are,
Know how you feel,
Know where you’re headed, and
Know that voice in you that can speak to all of it.

This is what is being asked of you now, and for which you are now ready.
There is a power in you that you have yet to realize.
Still, it is awakening in you, and you are aware of this.

The best days of your life are here.

Listen to your heart. Note: be sure it is your heart you are listening to, and not your best guess at someone else. This is not as obvious as it sounds.

Yes, listen to your wild, passionate heart. Even more, listen to your clear, quiet, intuitive heart.
When you listen to your heart impeccably, your heart will guide you impeccably.

Remember this…

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