Lyrics to Aphorisms

I. Abraham brings the Carrot

This is a rock ecstatic musical exploration of the perspective presented by Abraham. Abraham is a non-physical consortium channeled through the voice of Esther Hicks. Weirdly cool, yes indeed.
Have fun. Be easy. Feel good. Yo. DKR

1. Apperation
“You can’t get it wrong, and you can never get it done.”

2. Rampage
“In absence of resistance, the absolute well-being that is natural to me is realized.”

Rampages of appreciation…
Wild with gratitude – crazy making thank yous
Dancing exuberance – wild with loving you
Go with the rampage – learn from the contrast
Go with the quiet – fire the rockets
Rockets of desire, 3-2-1 fire!
What a vision! Let’s make it magical. Let’s make it real.
Rampages of appreciation…
I’m at peace in the garden, planting seeds in the garden
Making peace in my heart and
pre-paving in the garden in my heart

“A garden inside me, unknown, secret, neglected for years
The layers of its soil, deep and thick. I have woken from the sleep of ages… walking toward sunrise, to have stumbled into the garden where the stone was rolled from the tomb of longing.” (excerpted from David Whyte’s “Garden” poem. Words and voice are David Whyte.)

Reaching for sunlight, thirsting for water
Longing for harvest, blessed with abundance
I am blessed with the infinite power of the universe
And the awareness it is here
In absence of resistance, I soar, I thrive, I see
The absolute well-being that is natural to me
Is realized. Now what?

3. Anywhere
“Be more interested in the way you feel.”

From anywhere, you can get to anywhere you want to go
Make a decision, line it up, don’t argue with yourself no mo’
From anywhere, you can get to anywhere you want to be
Let the way of attraction show you who will hear and see

You focus on what you feel and what you’ve come to know
Be more interested in the way you feel

Make a wish you want to make and let it be
You trust in your choosing
line it up and you know you are free
You write the song you want to write and let it shine
Let the way of attraction show you the place and time

It’s not about anything other than consciously acknowledging, I can choose a better thought anytime
I can feel fine, I feel fine
Pay attention to the way you feel

You don’t have to get to the heart of it
You don’t have to get it all figured out right now
You find a good vibration
that really gets your energy flowing
Move my soul – wild thing – I think you move me

So where are we now… and where are we going….
Anywhere? How do you get to anywhere from here?

Move my soul – rock and roll –
It’s really rock and roll and I like it – I love it!
I can choose a better thought anytime, and feel fine

From anywhere you can get to anywhere you want to go Your emotions will let you know
where the energy is flowing
Paint your rainbow dreams, and let ‘em shine
And the way of attraction will answer in perfect time

Now I’m interested in the way I feel

4. So Good, Not Done
“Be easy about all this. Have fun.”

Have fun, be easy. Have fun, feel good.
So good, not done, in this beautiful Now.

5. Beautiful Now
“Let the dominant intent be to feel good.”

Sat Chit Ananda
Ever existing, ever conscious, ever new joy
Following Bliss

I’m good at what I do, ideas flow to me
I know a good idea when I see one
There’s plenty out there for me
I can feel it on the horizon
I line up with it, I can feel it coming

So good, not done
So good, never done in the beautiful Now

Meanwhile – I feel great! I am expanding
I’m an expanding being
I give attention to what I can do something about
I’m living happily ever after in the beautiful Now

Have fun with this – Be easy about it
Let the dominant intent be to feel good
Take whatever path it takes to get there

Be easy – enjoy it – be easy – clear minded
Be easy – uplifted – fulfilled

6. Allowing
“ I no longer make you responsible for the way I feel.”

I am joyous, I am loving
I am happy, I am healthy and well
I’m abundant, I am in balance
I am free and in joy, I can tell

Allowing my connection to who I am. And who am I?
I don’t give a rip, what you be thinkin’
I don’t give a rip… no disrespecting, and
I’m wishing you well, still…My joy’s an inside job

I am selfish. You should be happy.
I maintain my connection with Source
I no longer make you a reason
For how I feel, or the way that I live
Art of allowing my connection

Raw power, focused in joy and love
Full dynamics, guided by gratitude and
Guided by transcendence

I don’t give a rip, I beg your pardon
I don’t give a rip, I’m not really begging
I’m wishing you well

I am a God-force in physical form
Here expressing myself
Just the way I planned on doing
I am eager to play with you
You can be any way you need to be
Please, please yourself, I don’t need you to be a certain way
In order for me to feel good
I no longer make you responsible for the way I feel

Fear is the thought of a moment unwanted
and beyond my control
There is no such moment. There is no fear.

I don’t give a rip….and I’m wishing you well
I’m gonna be that wellness myself
When joy’s inside me, when joy is where you be
We’ll play together, as one be we will

7. Windows

From this height, gigantic clouds are forming in our eyes
From this height, rays of sun are dancing rainbow light
From my window, it is a silent, awesome sight
Clouds and sunset, billowing delight

Thirty thousand feet below,
Lightning strikes. Explosions through the dark
Tornados spin destruction in their wake
And floods are drowning cities, overwhelmed

I love the view from this plane, and through this window
I will remember this window
I will see through this window
Even when I’m on the ground, even when I’m under water
In the eye of the storm, I will see through this window

Gigantic clouds are forming in our eyes
Rays of the sun, dancing rainbow light.

8. Feeling Good
“It is the fountain of youth; it is the river of wellness; it is the stream of abundance; it is the way to all things that are important to me. It’s feeling good.”

Sat Chit Ananda, ever new joy
Draw me up into the mind through the heart
Enter the mind through the heart.

I feel good – I knew that I would….
Little by little by little by little
Slippin’ into freedom, my legacy of freedom
I feel good, I feel wow! In the wonderful Now

I’m letting go letting go letting go resistance
I focus on the love, no worry for the future
I feel good, I knew that I would,
rockin’ in the wonderful Now

It’s easy to feel good, when you know that all is well
It’s easy to feel good, when you know that you can
Trust in the outcome

Feeling good is a choice, feeling good is a direction
I’m on the leading edge riding waves of creation
I feel good, I feel wow! It’s a party in the Now, baby!
Never get it wrong, never get it done

I think I’m waking up now
It’s so amazing! I just had no idea
It feels like bliss, in my acknowledgement
Of my freedom, I connect completely
With who I really am

I’ve been seeing something right before my eyes
I’ve been seeing something and
I think it’s gonna blow my mind
Thankful for the love, thankful for the life
We are all soul mates,
come forth from non-physical energy stream

There is a cure-all: its feeling good
It is the fountain of youth, it is the river of wellness
It is the stream of abundance
It is a way to all things that are important to me

I make peace with where I am
Letting all resistance go
Sat chit Ananda, ever new joy
May I be unconditioned by desire for happiness
Joy is already mine

I’m following the trail to vibrational alignment
Reaching for a better thought and making my connection

Spirit never feels frustration, spirit never fears or worries
Spirit knows our well-being, and Spirit has intense desire
For us to know it too
I can never again feel bad without knowing
I could feel better about anything

9. Creation
“The issue is not important. The emotion I feel in response is the movement.”

Creation is about relaxing and releasing
Releasing all resistance that stands in the way
of my true desire
My purpose is to be a receiver
My purpose is to be a radiator
Of the love and well being that is all that I am

Creation is about choosing thoughts that cause me
To offer a vibration, that allows me to receive
what I’ve been asking for
It’s about loving oneself, its about knowing I am worthy
It’s a deep appreciation of a friend, its enjoying a sunset
A smile, a breeze…
There is only the stream of well-being
A stream of well-being expanding in endlessly awesome deliciously leading edge ways
I slip into the stream that feels good

Creation is about an alignment, an allowing
The issue is not important
The emotion that I feel in response is the movement
I clean it up as I go
I clean it up and feel better
I emanate the love, I emanate well-being
It’s all that I am, ever am, really am

We have no idea, what a fabulous future
Being held for us all, we choose our alignment
Creation in joy

10. Vortex
“You can always fork up to a better thought
and feel better.”
Backing vocals: Josh, Cath, Darth and Alvin

I had a dream – there was a funky dude sitting on a mushroom cloud. He looked like he could be happening,
so I figured I would ask him something…you know, something… and he said:
“You’re asking me? Let me put it to ya this way.
A dog could be in perfect alignment,
but he’s still gonna chase his tail.”
Go ahead and have a good time,
as your moving on your yellow brick road.
You can always fork up to a better thought,
fork it up to a better thought and feel better.
Fork it.

I am the vortex. You are the vortex. Everone’s a vortex.
My movie is my movie. Everyone is there own movie.

“Let me put it to ya another way. So Glenda shows up to Dorothy. She tells her ‘bout her ruby shoes. And Dorothy says, ‘well shit Glenda! I dig the shoes, but I came all the way to OZ. I still wanna get that broom stick!’”

You can travel half way around the world, and find some dude with funny clothes, and learn the magic words and secret handshakes, and if you’re lucky you won’t give yourself away. OR,
You can stand in front of the mirror, put on a goofy grin, and poke yourself in the forehead, saying
“Damn! I feel good right now!
Less drama… less expense…

I am the vortex. You are the vortex. Everyone’s a vortex.
Everyone is there own movie.

11. The Summoning Point
The voice of Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham, Sacramento, 7/05.

12. Music
“The stream of well-being is all that there is.”

Music is good. Music and lovers, music and dogs
…Especially Bear…
The birds and the butterflies, family and friends
Gardens and rainbows, music and home
Life is good, so precious, so wonderful
Freedom is good, freedom is calling, freedom is waiting
Freedom is here

Joy is a choice, joy is well-being,
joy is natural, joy is the way
Awareness is bliss, awareness ecstatic
The stream of well-being is all that there is

I’m feeling high, I’m feeling humble,
I’m feeling awesome, with so much abundance
I’m feeling joy, I’m feeling grateful, with so much love

I can be in the Now, I can be in the moment
In the bliss and the blessing, I can be who I am
Beautiful life, Beautiful presence
Knowing and being the joy of the heart

Life is fun! Life is wonderful.
So precious, so good and never done
Joy is a choice, joy is well-being, joy is the way
And freedom is here

Know yourself – love all – love yourself – serve all
Serve yourself – see all – be yourself – know all

13. Returning
“I am always home, and my home is always at the horizon of my awareness.”

I am returning to my home state, the state of well-being
On a yellow brick road through fields of gold
Paved with joyous hopes and positive beliefs
And intuitive knowing

In my heart I’m already there
In my body, I love this journey of yearning
The emerald city of bliss illuminates my horizon
A golden carrot, a priceless gem, a siren’s call

My gratitude for well-being is expanding
By my yearning for well-being
I am always home,
and my home is always at the horizon of my awareness
My home is the expanding universe
Universe upon universe without end, Amen.

14. Croak
“Happy, healthy, happy healthy, happy, healthy, Croak.”

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