Lyrics to Songster Rock Vol. 1

1. Ask and Receive
From a solo project called “Sacred and Secular”, recorded in Avatar Studio, New York City, 1985

Am I being honest with you – I say I don’t know what it means
To be honest with you… with so many sides to the scene
I’ll be hard as metal, for the effort to succeed
I’ll be straight as an arrow, to pierce the malignant seed
Narcissus was a madman, staring at the pool
He fell in love with his reflection, and he died like a fool
Can you tell me what’s the difference with my state of mental health?
Because you can’t love no one, if you can’t love yourself
Ask and receive, knock and the door will open wide
Know of your heart, it will be always where your riches lie

2. Anything Goes
This is a band called Taxi Dancer, recorded in 1983 at our studio in the “Hells Kitchen” district (near Times Square) in New York City. DKR: lead voice, guitar; Charlie Gregory: bass guitar, backing vocal; Walkiria (Lori): keyboards, backing vocals; Ric Wheeler: drums, backing vocals.

Maybe I do, maybe she don’t dare; maybe I can, maybe she don’t care
Can’t say that I know – I can say anything goes, and nobody knows
She’s got her secrets, I got time
She’s got her plans, I don’t have much to hide
The ups and downs, to here and now, she won’t say how
She won’t tell her history, she remains a mystery
She is who she wants to be, she can see, that
You can’t lock in to what you can’t define
And she isn’t gonna talk about it – anything goes
And what she’s gonna do about it – nobody knows
Wait and see – she’s never gonna say what she knows
She’ never gonna say what she’s showing in dark
Sparkle in the night; maybe she will reappear… who knows
She isn’t gonna talk about it – anything goes
Maybe I do, maybe she don’t dare; maybe I can, maybe she don’t care
Can’t say that I know – I can say anything goes, and nobody knows
The way I really feel; It doesn’t matter stories I reveal
The ups and downs, to here and now, are legends now
Novelettes of history, fiction in my memory, won’t predict my destiny
I can see that you can’t lock in to what you can’t define
I don’t really want to talk about it – anything goes
And what I’m gonna do about it – nobody knows

3. Another Generation
…And then there were two…Ric Wheeler and DKR break off from Taxi Dancer
for a “duo” project called WK, circa 1984. Ric is on drums, bass
guitar and backing vocals; DKR on guitar, keyboards and lead vocals.

4. Riding the Wind
From a solo project in 1997 called “Coming Home”.

I love this life you give me; I love it… I hate it.
I give myself completely as I stumble through the mazes
Be my chariot driver, guide this chariot of fire
Through the forest of delusion, take me higher and higher
My passions are unbridled, I know they must be harnessed
I buckle at detachment, but still I’m your disciple
Riding the wind, hold onto the reins, Lord
My horses are wild, won’t you help me to tame them
My senses are on fire, they go where they will
Help me channel this desire, help my mind to be still
Give me calmness for the battle I’m facing
And dispassion for directions of fate
Give me wisdom to be measured in action, and
The discipline to patiently wait
Be my chariot driver, take us into the storm
Give me courage to follow to your heavenly shore
Riding the wind, hold onto the reins, Lord
Illumine the darkness with your fountain of flame
I’ve got enthusiasm, exuberance is happening
But discipline is taxing, I’m constantly resisting
Riding the wind

5. Storm Coming
From a solo project in 2002 called “Unity Cycle”.

There’s a storm coming, there’s a turmoil brewing
I feel the invitation to fearful chain reaction
But I’ve seen enough of spirit, to trust where it is leading, and I
BREATHE in the middle of it, breathe, in the eye of the storm
We hold the vision, and we batten down the hatches
We live in the conundrum, for we keep heart center open, and
We bow to everyone, and we give ourselves to no one
And we stand in the middle of it, stand, in the eye of the storm
Slip down in the center, drop in to the center of the heart
With calm understanding, we see with the vision of love
Slip down in the middle of it, stay cool – there’s a rhythm
Step back – see the storyteller; Deep Breathe and Go
In the center, in the center of it all, I can feel you, I can feel myself
I can feel us, I can feel one, I belong, I belong, I AM
Focusing – and Opening
There’s a storm coming, there’s a turmoil brewing
I feel the invitation to dance and celebration
I’ve seen enough of Spirit to trust where it is leading
And I stand in the middle of it, I stand
In the eye of the storm

6. Elliptical Journey
This is a band called “Eidolon”, in existence from 1975 to 1978, while attending
UC Santa Barbara. On this recording from 1977, the players are Mark Bramman:
Bass guitar and backing vocals; Bill Bye: drums; Jay Yim: keyboards; DKR: guitar
and lead vocals.

7. Love is a River
From a solo project called “Songs of Love and Loneliness”, recorded in the Elixir
Studio, Queens, NY, in 1981. This was the only project where I actually played
drums on a full kit.

The moment lingers, clinging to me by my design
Caressing fingers stroking the body of my mind
You are a prison, and you are the key, you are a vision, can you see me?
You are a river, carry me homeward bound
It is magnetic, pulling me blindly toward the light
It is electric, wondering if I’m plugged in right
It is transition, there’s no where safe to stand
It is sufficient and I catch as catch can
It is a river, carry me homeward bound
Don’t need protection, nothing left to hide
All my defenses have been laid aside
but am I dependant on a force outside?
I know I’ve been this road before, but there is a lesson behind your door
Will I pick up what I missed before? Love is a riddle, there’s always more
I am intrusion, looking to break into your life
I am connection, maybe too deep for compromise
I am committed past the point of no return
I am suspended as the wheel turns
I am a river, traveling homeward bound

8. Naked Eyes
The band is Future Tense, a transitional group between Elixir and Taxi Dancer. This recording is from Howard Schwarz Studios, in the Grand Central Station building, New York City, 1982. Frankie De Franco: drums; Walkiria: keyboards; Tony De Genero: bass guitar; DKR: guitar and vocals.

From a solo project in 2004 called “Gang of Mantras.”

Om Shum Shukraya Namaha
Mother Venus, teacher of the Demons, bless us with benevolence
Lover Venus, teacher of the senses, bless us with transcendance

10. I Am the Same
From a solo project in 1999 called “The Road that Starts from Here.”

So he came to me again, and he had a new appearance
And I still could recognize him, even though he changed his name
His hair was really curly, and he said “Sai Ram.”
But I knew he wouldn’t fool me, he was the same
Even as it was with Ma, she said, she said
Before I came on earth, I was the same
Even as a little child, I was the same
In the middle of my life, I was the same
As I stand before you now, I am the same
He came to me again, and I still could recognized him
But I really got the message, that he wasn’t gonna let me limit him
To just one name, one face, one gender, or country, or haircut
Or dress code, or doctrine, or mantra, or anything at all
Including music styles
He was just the same, and he still is the same
For the truth is the truth, and the form can change, but the truth is the same
She is the truth, she is the same, He is the truth, he is the same
In my heart of hearts, I am the same

11. The Saboteur
From a solo project in 2000 called “Transforming the Archetypes.”

The vocation of my heart, sings with the light, plays with the lover
Fear would remain unseen, silence the voice remain undercover
No more. I’m not for sale no more
It’s time to grow, it’s time to heal, time for the truth, and time to get real
If we try to hide, if we get stuck, the Rebel comes and pulls out the rug
Enter in the saboteur, he will expose what lies endure
When truth is veiled behind mirage, the time has come for sabotage
I would dance in the mystery, questioning rules and forms of all kinds
But I sold out for security, so the rumble was just a matter of time
If we can’t see it, if we don’t hear a sound, then
The Shaker comes and turns us upside down
The saboteur, his time is here, he will expose the hidden fear
When truth is veiled in camouflage, the Soul will call for sabotage

12. Spirits Lost
The band is “Open,” recorded in the Goleta Garage Studio, just outside Santa Barbara, 1979. Phil Berumen: drums; Bill burns: bass guitar and backing vocals; Jay Yim: keyboards; Jaine Rice: Backing vocals; DKR: guitar and lead vocals.

Here we all are, tiny drops of rain, we fell out of heaven
Now we’re streaming through time, trying to get back home
Seeking a hint, a hope, guidance
Hear melodies weaving messages, see the circular vision spin
And always feel frustration from believing that there’s nowhere to go
Aimless paths descend to one, ever suspended by contrary motion
Still spirits lost, moving towards their source
Some of us splash, some go with the flow
Some of us hide in the deep pools
New or in old, there’s no real change, only the shape of the river
All hear voices in song move simultaneously
Ride as worded rainbows color our destiny
Strip away for us all to see, our song, forever harmony
All we have sought, all we have attained, quickly sinks ‘neath the surface
Yet w’ere ever chasing our dreams, wanting to know peace
And always feel the presence of hope, lighting our way

13. Limbo
From a solo project called “Songs of Change”, also recorded in Goleta in 1980. Phil Berumen is on the drums, DKR is on the rest.

14. In the City
The band is Elixir, recorded in Howard Schwarz Studios, New York City, 1981.
Al Cooke: bass guitar; George Conrad: Lead vocals; Frankie de Franco: drums; Walkiria: keyboards, DKR: guitar

15. Your Tell Me
Another track from Taxi Dancer. Same session and line-up as indicated in track #2.

As we grow together, I remember past loves falling apart
Like a hidden treasure, love is forever, but those who hold it are not
And the icon fades away
You couldn’t tell me to stay, I couldn’t show you the way
There is no guarantee and we owe ourselves to be free
You tell me the way you feel, the things that you see
I’ll show you the changing moment in me
Inside us, the breath of love is filled with release
And we inhale a love renewed as we please
We create together worlds of promise without promises made
And we learn to measure, our pull together sometimes pushes away
We don’t force against the grain

16. Only My Emotions
Another track from WK. See track 3.

17. Contradictions
From the album, “Unity Cycle,” 2002.

The mystery is the contradiction that I am
I behold the vision of unity, but I live the nightmare of separation
Without compassion for the contradiction in myself,
I condemn the contradiction in others
Without compassion for the contradiction in others,
I become what I condemn
I know the Oneness to be the truth, yet I’m playing out the separation story
Oh Great Storyteller, I thank you for your story
Oh Great Storyteller, I give you back my story
Acceptance – tear me up into acceptance; you will demand it anyway
Acceptance – you’ve got the patience of a sadist, you will wait for all eternity
Acceptance – acceptance is not enough for you; you’ll insist I love it too
Acceptance – so teach me this love of yours
Be quick. Be gentle. Be through.
No more stories now… can we be something else?

18. The Wind Whispers Tomorrow
From the 1985 solo project, “Sacred and Secular”, this recording is itself a remake of a tune originally performed by Wrath Creek. Wrath Creek was a band I played in during High School that included Mark Kilmer: drums; Jeff Rice: keyboards and vocals; Mark Bramman: bass guitar and vocals; DKR: guitar and vocals.

19. 11:11
Another track from the solo album, “Transforming the Archetypes.”

The transformation is here – the awakening is now
The arrival is here – the transcendence is now
11:11 – I am that I am in the house of awakening
I relax and release all burdens, allowing you to express through me
Perfect joy, perfect peace, perfect love, perfect wisdom
Health – vitality – longevity – fulfillment
Creativity – courage – love – openness
I release all details of my life into your hands
I offer my clarity into your vision
I offer my vision into your clarity
11:11 – I am that I am in the house of awakening
I am invoking:
Faith – compassion – hope – freedom – patience – forgiveness
Awakening – empathy – abundance – clearance – balance
Integration – harmony – surrender – celebration – grace
I am that I am, the light, the love, the joy, the wisdom
Manisfest in Thee now – SO BE IT
The ascension is here – the arrival is now
The awakening is here – it’s graduation time
11:11 – I am that I am in the house of awakening
I am that I am in the house of rejuvenation
Rejuvenating…. Revitalizing….
By the grace of God, there’s a healing going on!

20. Japa
From the 1985 project, “Sacred and Secular.”

I am yours, you are everything
Teacher, speaker, messenger of love
Preach us, teach us, instruments of love
Relator, Creator, maker of all things
Merging, emerging, one with everything
“May I never be attached to the dream of creation
Nor to the path leading out of the dream
But only to thee.” (Kriyananda)
Looking for a good time – seek ATI (All There Is)
Looking for companion – seek ATI
Looking for an answer – seek ATI
Looking for a reason – do it for God
Shake us, awake us, ignite the lightning rod
Instruct us, conduct us, as instruments of God
Healer, revealer, deliverer from night
Heal us, reveal us, to never ending light

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