Lyrics to Songster Rock – Vol. 2

On this volume, as opposed to volume one, selections appear in chronological order. This gives an experience of the linear motion of the music through time. Whatever, dude….

1. Storm
Eidolon is the band, recorded in Isla Vista, the collegiate suburb adjacent to UC Santa Barbara campus. The year was 1977 and the players are: Mark Bramman: Bass guitar and vocals; Jay Yim: keyboards and vocals; Bill Bye: drums; DKR: guitar and vocals.

2. Take Things as They Come
From the 1980 solo project, “Songs of Change.” Phil Berumen on drums, DKR the rest.

From the day of my birth, I’ve looked for heaven on earth,
but I made it so hard to find
Though the hills may be green, that don’t satisfy me
They may be greener on the other side
So I’m changing my style, and it might take me a while
But before I’m done I’ll learn to take things as they come
Thoughts go racing right through my mind
And then they’re so hard to find, I’m looking too far away somehow
I go racing right through my life, searching long, far and wide
But I forget to see the here and now
Life is just a movie show, when we let things go
And we play the roles we are
I’ve been too concerned with where I’m going
I’ve been getting burned by need for knowing
Now I’m gonna march to my own drum
I’m gonna take things as they come

3. Radio Madness / Alienation
A two-song medley from the solo project, “Songs of Love & Loneliness,” recorded in Elixir Studio, Queens NYC, 1980. Yes, that’s DKR on drums.

4. Multiphrenia Man
I wrote a number of frenetic insanity songs, most of which are being passed over for these anthologies. Here’s some token madness; a recording of Elixir, live at the Cavern Club in downtown Manhattan, circa 1980. George Conrad: Lead vocals and theatrics, Al “Runtime” Cooke: bass guitar; Walkiria: keyboards; Frankie de Franco: drums; DKR on guitar.

5. All the Way
Here’s two from Taxi Dancer. This one was recorded in our “Hell’s Kitchen studio near Times Square, around 1983. Musicians for this and the following track are Charlie Gregory: bass guitar and vocals; Ric Wheeler: drums and vocals; Walkiria: keyboards and vocals; DKR: guitar and vocals

6. Behind the Wheel
Originally, this song appeared on the “Songs of Change” album. Here is a live rendition from Taxi Dancer, recorded at “Trax” in mid-town Manhattan.

Something big is coming, there’s gonna be changes and I don’t know when
It’s just intuition but I’m gonna be ready, it’s just around the bend
I hope your perspective is clear, you gotta know how you feel
I hope that you know how to steer, ‘cause we’re all behind the wheel
We will make it happen, it’s all for the taking and we are free to choose
Got to stand for something, there’s so much to gain and everything to lose

7. Ticking of the Time Bomb
The first of three in a row from WK, the Ric Wheeler – Doug Kingsley duo from 1984. Ric is on bass, drums and backing vocals; DKR on guitar, keyboards and lead vocals. Recorded in the Music Bldg, Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhatten. At the time, this tune was a “hit single” hopeful…

8. The Invisible Man
WK, 1984

9. The Time of Your Life
WK, 1984

10. Raindrops
From the 1985 solo project, “Sacred and Secular.” Recorded at Avatar Studio, NYC.

Lost in the clouds, through the gray and misty surroundings, and then
Falling together, with our lives, we are stormy weather
The sun yields with forboding wonder
The wind blows and the heavens thunder
The circle completes and the cycle repeats
Like raindrops
To be left in a mountain stream, to be whipped on a desert wind
To be frozen and paralyzed, to be risen and realized
And we surrender to the gravity of love
We follow after the melody of love
We are a path leading to the ocean
To the ocean above, to the ocean of love
Like raindrops

11. Thank You for the Word
“Sacred and Secular,” 1985

12. Sunset
I did a short instrumental project called “Sunrise – Sunset” in 1986. This is the sunset piece of it. Recorded at my mom’s house in Tiburon, CA.

13. In Heaven’s Name
This one is from a 1996 solo project called “Looking for Heaven.” Recorded
on a 4-track porta-studio cassette recorder while living at Ananda Village.

You’re an artisan, holding mysteries and weaving beauty
You’re a dancer, you celebrate the rhythms as they pass
I can feel, I cannot touch, I can know, I cannot define
Bless me with your patience, and with your compassion
As I try to understand
I’m looking, I look, but I don’t see
You’re a gardener working your world with hands of love
You’re a career woman, you’ve got your business keeping it all in balance
I can feel, I cannot touch, I can know, I cannot define
I can yearn, I cannot impose, I can be in you, but not of you
So close and yet so far
Bless me with your patience, and with your compassion
As I try to understand
The yearnings that I offer, flowers at your altar
And all you do is raise your hand
I look, but I don’t see the door you’re showing me
This is your dance of love, calling to rise above
You stir my heart in song, but I must pass beyond
And on your distant shore, we’ll meet again once more
And though I yearn and flame, slowly I learn your game
All this in heaven’s name
You’re an adventurer, you love your drama and the call of the wild
You’re a free spirit, you give yourself, but never away
You’re divine mother, you love your children most of all
I look, but I don’t see the door you’re showing me
To redirect and free this love
Mother, save me from myself
I’m looking for heaven

14. A Place of Love
From the 1999 solo project of the same name. Recorded at the Grizzly Hill house, North San Juan Ridge, CA.

Stay in a place of love….
Better to live in the authenticity of my own journey
Than to live in someone else’s truth
This doesn’t mean I don’t seek guidance
I open to it everywhere – disciple of life
Sometimes I’m called to stand with others
Sometimes I stand alone
I stay in a place of love
whether or not I’m seen, whether or not I’m understood
Attunement is discernment, hearing inside what is truly being asked of me
In this life, in this moment
Faith is the courage to live in that knowing
Courage is the faith to live in that knowing
I stay in a place of love
Accepted or rejected, embraced or excluded
I stay in a place of love
Whether or not I’m heard, honored or condemned
There is integrity, validity and love, in this journey, in my journey
There is integrity, validity and love in your journey
Exactly as it has unfolded
Can you see me in a place of love?
Can we be in a place of love?
So much more beautiful than our differences
Our short-comings, and our pain
There is a bridge to belonging, constructed in the heart
It’s not concerned with conforming, but
Loving with an open heart
To live without charge, letting go of reaction
To trust what we know in our heart
To live in honor and releasing
The courage of the seed, safe inside the hard shell of dormancy
Risks his existence, to find his life
Leaves security, becoming soft and vulnerable
And facing hazards at every step, all to find, all to be his life
This too is faith, this too is surrendering
Asking God to be fully who I am in him
And to be willing, willing to go, willing to be whatever that asks of me
This is the master’s lesson, whether or not I am a real disciple
You seek the map, you find the map
You internalize the map, and you release the map
To be truly you, is to be him in you
Can you see me the place of love?
So much more beautiful…. But better yet
The place of love is big enough
To include our differences, our shortcomings, and our pain
Stay in a place of love

15. Soul Retrieval
From the 1999 solo project called “The Road that Starts from Here.”

I thought of myself as honest
But in my desire – no, my obsession
To meet or exceed the expectations of others in all things
That I might fit in, that I might belong
That I might win praise, that I might be ok
That I might feel from others, what I would not give myself
That was the first lie, the lie that grounded and shaped my life experience
I denied and shut down vital pieces of my being
My love was given over to the institution
My spirit given over to the organization
My intuition stifled in the name of attunement
My creativity was renounced
But the unsquelchable spark, is my savior my guru my road to freedom
And this is true self-realization, this is a soul retrieval – I recall my spirit
This is a soul retrieval – I retrieve my soul from all the people and places
And the times and the spaces where I’ve given it away
Where I’ve given my soul away

16. The Mirror of Judgement
An excerpt from the unfinished “The Blessings and the Seven Mirrors” based on an exploration of the writings of Greg Braden. Recorded 2001 at the house at Shady Creek.

He hides behind self-righteous indignation
Professing forgiveness, and not living it
His pain, too big to own
This must be me I’m seeing, the mirror is the teacher
This must be me I’m seeing
Of what I judge in others, of what I won’t forgive and won’t let go
I recognize it clearly, I see it in so many all around me
It must be me I’m seeing! It must be me
I am his perpetrator, can I not make him wrong?

17. Child of the Light Brigade
From the live presentation of the “Archetypes” album, recorded at the home of David Gortner and Lennie Martin, 11/11/00.

I’m a child in the light brigade, and I’m holding the banner ever high
I’m a light, be a light, I’m a child in the light brigade
I have always felt like a child, life is both awesome and overwhelming
But either way, I feel small and innocent in the face of it
I reclaim the awe and mystery, celebrating life so innocently
I reclaim the faith inside me, knowing that the One is ever with me
Healing the wounded child, feeding the needy child
Dance with the Buddha child
I am the Divine Child
I’m a child in the light this day
It’s alright – don’t be afraid now – It’s alright – you know you can do it
Little drummer boy, play your drum now
This is what you came for, he is well pleased
Little drummer boy, play your heart now
This is what she’s hearing, and what she sees

18. Morning
A track from the 2002 album, Unity Cycle. Recorded at the Rainbow Ranch.

Morning contemplative, secrets the Mother gives
Morning rides upon a wind, birds renew their song again
Trees are drinking in the light, all is one within my sight
And then it fades, the day steps in, absorbing me, I’m lost again
The drama calls, I play my part, the secret speaks within my heart
Faith – Center – Feel – God
Trust – Spirit – Love – All
Morning returns to me, birds dancing, hearts still free
Morning contemplative, secrets the Mother gives

19. Shiva
From Gang of Mantras, my personal favorite album, Recording started in 2003 and completed February, 2004, also at the Rainbow Ranch.

Om Namah Shivaya
Om Bum Bhuddaya Namaha
Shadanam Ganesha
Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah Om Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat Om
Om Shum Shukraya Namaha
Om Som Somaya Namaha
Om Briha Spataya Namaha
Om Sum Suriyaya Namaha
Om Triambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukam Eva Bhandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat Om

Be gentle with us Shiva. We’re doing the best we can.

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