Songster Friends – An Album of Covers

This is my first-ever all covers album. It comes on the heals of my first-ever involvement in a covers band, Star People. I discovered that getting together with good friends, and playing songs that a room full of people recognize and love, has its own magic. It was, after all, the essence of my father’s musical life.

I have subtitled the album “A Lifetime Soundtrack Sampler,” because there was such an abundance of material to choose from… in this incarnation of musical feasting. A banquet in all directions, and the deeper I look, the further the horizon extends.

Still, picking a few, and going into the experience of making them my own… these songs that already spark places and times, and knowings and remembrances…. It has been an intercourse with musical offspring – an intimate exchange with that sweetest of lovers, music.

Now, I’m looking forward with new perspective, to my next set of originals.
Thanks for listening…. And the music thanks you most of all….

List of Songs with the Original Recording Artists:
Hot House Flowers – Thing of Beauty
Indigo Girls – Strange Fire
Pete Townshend – A Little is Enough
James Taylor – Fire and Rain
Sons of Champlin – Feel it Coming
The Shreds – King of Dreams
Todd Rundgren – Hello its Me
INXS – A New Sensation
U2 – Pride in the Name of Love
Neil Young – Old Man
Van Hagar – Dreams
Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
Van Morrison – Into the Mystic
The Call – I Still Believe
Steely Dan – Any Major Dude
Doug Rice – Riding the Wind
Dan Fogelberg – Another Auld Lang Zyne
Robert Plant – Shine it all Around
The Youngbloods – Get Together
David Bowie – Heroes
Don Henley – My Thanksgiving
The Beatles – In My Life

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